V1 Discontinued.  V2 currently under development. Check back with us to periodic updates. 


Have you been looking for a solution for recycling  BX / Aluminum shielded cable?  
We have developed the BX30a as a full blown BX stripping solution.  This machine will remove the aluminum shielding from BX cable.
Its amazing to watch this machine in action and see dollar signs made before your eyes.  You can recover the aluminum and then recover the coppper.
NOTE:  This machine removes only the Aluminum coating from the wire.  You will then have to run the inside wire into a regular wire stripping machine inorder to extract the copper.
These machines will be in stock end of January.  Call us to reserve your machine today: 519-535-2425


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Technical Specification

Motor Horse Power: 

4 HP

Number of Extra Blades: 

1 extra set

Blade Material: 


Maintenance Tool Kit Included: 


Power Requirements: 

240 V 60HZ

Processing Speed: 

60 ft per min

This machine strips: 

BX / Aluminum Shielded Cable

This machine does not strip: 

Rubber / PVC / Pastic Coatings

Min. Stripping Thickness: 

10 mm or 1/2"

Max. Stripping Thickness: 

30 mm or 1 3/16"


Designed to strip off Aluminum Shielding from BX Cable Only

Includes reverse gearing

BX wire stripping machine
BX wire stripper machine
BX cable stripper
BX Wire Stripping Machine
How to strip BX Cable

Shipping Dimensions

450 lb
36 × 31 × 50 in

Shipping Details

Discontinued.  V2 - Currently in Development. 

Check back with us for updates on V2 Status.




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