Save your hands, save the environment and start recycling copper wire. Cash in big time by using the BWS-60 wire stripping machine to get top dollar from your scrap wire. You will be amazed at how well this cable stripping machine strips wire and how reasonably priced it is. If you purchase this copper wire stripper you will be very happy with the quality.  Why pay more for a single blade wire stripping machine when you can have the best for our amazing price!  Remember - the 60 in BWS-60 stands for 60 MM or 2 3/8" wire thickness which is the maximum this cable stripping machine machine will strip. NOTE: The BWS-60 comes comes with 2 FREE BLADES AND A MAINTENANCE TOOL KIT! This is a heck of a deal!

The BWS-60 wire stripping machine is excellent for anyone looking to strip power main cable. 

Strips wire from 16 GA to 2 3/8". Hardened Tool Steel Blade. 1.5" HP Motor capable of 75 ft p min.  1 year warranty.  Easy blade maintenance. Top Quality Machine.  

- Adjustable blade height with motor feed design
- Refined adjustments for easy control and setup
- Strips wire form 16 GA to 2 3/8 INCH
- Runs on 110V single phase or 75 FT/MIN
- Parts readily available
- Heavy Duty Gear Box
- Blade is made from high strength tool steel for long lasting life
- Comes with 2 Extra Blades and Maintenance Tool Kit
- WT: 110 LBS. 
- Machine Dims:  12.5" x 15.75" x 20.5"
-This machine will strip Romex / PVC / Rubber / Plastic coated wire.
*This machine is not designed to strip aluminum shielded wire

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Technical Specification

Motor Horse Power: 

1.5 HP

Number of Extra Blades: 


Blade Material: 


Maintenance Tool Kit Included: 


Power Requirements: 

110 Volt 60 Htz

Processing Speed: 

75 FT per min

This machine strips: 

Romex / PVC / Rubber / Plastic coated wire

This machine does not strip: 

BX or Aluminum Shielded Wire

Min. Stripping Thickness: 

16 GA

Max. Stripping Thickness: 

2 3/8 Inch


Single Blade Design

Includes maintenance tool kit and 2 sets of extra blades.

Cable Stripping Machine
Wire stripper machine
Cable Stripping Machine
Cable Stripper Machine
Copper Wire Stripper
Wire Stripping Machine
Wire Stripper machines
Wire Stripping Machine

Shipping Dimensions

136 lb
17.5 × 17.5 × 25 in

Shipping Details




Product testimonials

We are very happy with our purchase of a BWS-60 from Bluedog. We have stripped over 2000 lbs of wire a month for the last 4 years using the BWS-60 and we estimated we have processed over 85,000 lbs worth of copper so far. I can’t say enough how great an investment this machine was to make. It has well paid for itself over multiple times! We are still on the original set of blades included with the machine! 
Dennis Schweiger - Clinton TWP, MI, USA
Have owned the BWS-60 since Jan 2016. Good solid machine, no problems at all! Had a couple of questions and Joe was quick to respond. Highly recommend buying one! 

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