IF you have LOTS of SCRAP wire and you do not want to sort out piece after piece! You STUFF the wire in the bin and the BlueDog Granulator does its MAGIC!

The BlueDog GRANULATOR is the machine for YOU! Small wires that you cannot justify stripping can now be economically stripped of the plastic coating. You can then SELL the COPPER and Plastic Granules to make $$$$.

Imagine making $900-$1,800 / hr or $7,200- $14,400 / day or $36,000-$72,000 / wk with the BlueDog Granulator.

If you have the wire then this machine pays for itself in weeks!!! Do the MATH! You will ask yourself how you can afford NOT to have the BlueDog Granulator?

Wire Harnesses, ethernet cables, large batches of mixed and unsorted mess of wire can be cleaned up and turned into $$$$.

Many Granulators will cost $100,000+++. The BlueDog Ground Breaking design not only is functional but it has been developed to allow you to move the unit into different locations relatively easily. Setup is QUICK and you are in PRODUCTION and MAKING $$$$.

Working Principle:

Step 1) Scrap wire is crushed into granules. These granules have diameters approx 2MM-8MM (.078 in - .314 in) after crushing .

Step 2) In a secondary operation in the Separator the principle that the density of metal is different from that of the nonmetallic (plastic), separates the materials of different density through a combination of airflow and vibration.

The BGR-1 is capable of processing 300-600 lbs of coated wire per hour.

Wires from .018 to 3/4" diameter can be processed.

Low overall power consumption and high separation rates are controlled by a custom PLC.

Unique design of separator and dust collector allows for easy disassembly and movement to alternate location.

The crusher is a double roller system, low speed, which produces large output with little noise.

Feedback system does secondary crushing of the unfinished material which guarantees separation of metal and non metal components.

Ideal for granulating computer wire, ethernet cable, small wires, wiring harnesses, tele-communications cables, misc line and aluminum wire.

3 PHASE 600 V power supply required! Alternative design variations can be discussed for 475 V 3 phase.

CALL BlueDog to arrange for demonstration- 1-866-901-2278.

REMEMBER to BRING your own scrap samples for testing!!!




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Technical Specification

Motor Horse Power: 


Power Requirements: 

600 V x 3 phase

Processing Speed: 

300 to 600 lbs / hr

This machine strips: 

computer wire, ethernet cable, wiring harnesses, tele-communication cable

Min. Stripping Thickness: 


Max. Stripping Thickness: 



Copper Wire Granulator
Scrap Wire Granulator
Granulator Machine

Shipping Dimensions

6000 lb
134 × 82.5 × 77 in

Shipping Details

This is a CUSTOM project. Call us for delivery times.