BAS-63 Alligator Shear

Alligator scrap metal cutting shears by Bluedog Recycling Equipment ™  has been a trusted source for scrap metal alligator and guillotine style shears for over 10 years. Regardless of the application, no other scrap metal equipment supplier understands the value of Alligator Shears better than Bluedog Hydraulic scrap metal cutting shears.

Alligator shears are used for cutting longer metal stock or scrap, generally where accuracy is not an important and the size or shape of the material makes other cutting or shearing options impractical. Usually the only other cutting option is cutting with a torch which creates toxic fume which are hazardous for operators to breath. Alligator shears are a safe, enviromentally friendly way  to process scrap metal and increase the purity and profititability of your material .

Bluedog BAS-63 Ton Alligator Shear Specs

Perfect for Scrap Yards. Now you can easily and safetly process your materials to increase their purity and your profitability.Includes hydraulic power pack. Easy Operation.  Easy Maintenance.

Max Shear Force:  63 Ton

Max Press Force:  12 Ton
Max Blade Opening:  250 mm  or 10 INCH
Blade Length 600 mm or 24 INCH
Cut Material:  -  Cuts solid steel Squares / Rounds up to 30 MM  
Power: 11HP x 3 PH - Voltage per Requirement
Blade Material: T8 - Includes Extra Free Set
Cycle Time:  8 to 10 times per min
Paint Color per customer request

Includes Yellow Saftey Guard



plus shipping and applicable taxes


Technical Specification

Motor Horse Power: 

11 HP x 3 PH - 480V or 600V

Number of Extra Blades: 

1 Set

Blade Material: 


Power Requirements: 

Voltages per your Spec

Processing Speed: 

8 to 10 Cuts per min


Includes secondary arm to hold material in place

Alligator Shears
Hydraulic Alligator Shear
Scrap Metal Cutting Shear
Alligator Shear
Scrap metal cutting shear
Alligator Shear
Used Alligator Shears
Scrap Metal Shear

Shipping Dimensions

3600 lb
82 × 65 × 65 in

Shipping Details

Custom Order. Lead Time - Approx 10 Weeks from order placement
Note: This ships as 2 packages:  
Pgk 1:  73x38x59"
Pgk 2:  45x30x43"