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We offer a variety of copper wire stripper machines designed for for those who want to recycle and make some extra cash.

copper wire stripper bws 80

Newest Products

  1. BWS-30-MF-HC

    Wire Stripping Machine

    Price: $435.00

  2. BMC-808 - DP

    Motor Crushing Machine

    Price: $37,500.00

  3. BMC-808 Single Platform

    BMC-808-Single Platform Bluedog Motor Crusher

    Price: $34,300.00

  4. BDG-400A

    Wire Granulator

    Price: $33,500.00

Pick of Today

  1. BDG-600A

    Bluedog Granulator - BDG-600A - Complete System

    Price: $83,500.00

  2. BWS-25-DA

    drill powered wire stripping machine

    Price: $225.00

  3. sBGR-BS-700

    Blade Sharpening Machine

    Price: $3,495.00

  4. BWS-38-MF-MOTOR

    Wire stripping machine

    Price: $950.00