5 Tips for Stripping Copper Wire

Guide for Copper wire stripping

Copper Wire Strippers Tip 1: Make sure your machine is on a balanced flat surface.

Many copper wire stripper models may seem very similar, but its important to make sure each machine is mounted on a flat surface.  Some models will include mounting holes for fastening to a work bench or flat surfce.  We suggest taking advantage of these holes to make sure your units do not slide around while stripping.  Its important to make sure your Copper Wire Stripper is also located in a safe work area with lots of room for the wire to safely exit.  You do not want 60FT of 750 mcm bunching up behind a machine and knocking it over.

Copper Wire Strippers Tip 2: Make Sure Your Machine can strip your type of wire

The good news is that 90 percent of wire on the market can be used with most of our copper wire stripper models. Some of our copper wire stripper models have variations designed for specific grades of wire such as our BWS-90 which is meant for super thick heavy duty coated wire with coatings of a 1/2" and above.  Make sure you check the sizing requirements and motor horse power specifications before you try to use the machine.   You do not want to run 750MCM cable with a 3/4 hp motor.

Copper Wire Stripper Tip 3: A Clean Machine Works More Better

The copper wire stripper requires very little maintenance, which is great if you’re trying to save time. That being said, you should still make a point to clean up your cutting channels after each use. Just like any other tool in your workshop, you need to make sure the machine is free of debris. The cleaner it is, the more efficiently it will work and the longer it will last! If you want to get the highest return on your investment, then regular cleaning is a good way to go. The best way is to blow everything out with an air compressor!

Copper Wire Stripper Tip 4: Know Your Wire Stripper’s Limits

Most copper wire strippers can handle most wire types. Bluedog WIre Strippers for example, can strip house wire, THNN, XHHW, rubber cord, welding cable, old cloth insulation, tray cable, Romex 1, Romex 2 and XLP. Other models all have a different acceptable wire list, so make sure you know what can be cut before you buy or use the machine. Models that can handle more types are generally going to be better because you will have far more flexibility (which means more potential to earn money).

Copper Wire Strippers Tip 5: Call us for Replacement Parts

We have a huge inventory of spare parts in stock for all our copper wire strippers. Some suppliers do not offer you any spare part support!  Its inevitable your blades over time will dull and need to be replaced. Choosing Bluedog will assure you of access to blades and other spare parts. We have a huge variety of parts listed on our website but sometimes there is a part which isn't on the site that needs replacing.  A reliable copper wire stripper seller should be customer-friendly and make information easy to access. The Bluedog Wire Strippers comes with an extra blades for super long lasting blade life.