Warning when purchasing a Wire Stripping Machine

Its come to our attention that there are some companies on the internet trying to sell Copper Wire Stripping Machines directly from oversea's.  They usually offer prices which are very attractive and then charge your very high rate for shipping.  They promise you delivery of the wire stripping machine in about 2 weeks. With that said, we have had many customers come to us after ordering from these companies, disappointed. They tell us how frustrated they are that their machine has not showed up 12 to 16 weeks after they placed their order.   Normally customers have to file a claim with their credit card company to try to get their money back because these companies wont even pick up the phone after they have taken your order.  Its not a pretty situation. 

Have confidence when you deal with Bluedog Wire Strippers we have a warehouse located in Woodstock, Ontario Canada.  All of our machines ship out from this warehouse. We service the whole North American Market. We stand behind our warranty!  We do not direct ship from China. We offer a huge parts inventory.  Normally we ship out 24 hours after receipt of order.  If you have any questions feel free to email us: info@bluedogintl.com  or call us to speak to a real live person: 1-866-901-2278

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