How to strip bx cable?

BX Wire Stripping Machine

If your BX Cable is under 1 1/4" we recommend to use the BWS-BX-30.   See the machine details here:

If the bx wire is over 1 1/4"  we recommend to cut down the BX cable into 4 FT lengths.  Then we you pull out the individual wire strands and run them through the: BWS-60, BWS-40 and or the BWS- 50.

If you are stripping Tek Cable with Aluminum Shielding we recommed using a metal only saw blade on a table saw and cut through 4 foot sections. You can make a jig out of wood to help support the tek cable when running it through.

Once you are through the aluminum shielding you can then remove the inside wires and then run these wires through the machine of your choice.