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Warning when purchasing a Wire Stripping Machine

Its come to our attention that there are some companies on the internet trying to sell Copper Wire Stripping Machines directly from oversea's.  They usually offer prices which are very attractive and then charge your very high rate for shipping.  They promise you delivery of the wire stripping machine in about 2 weeks. With that said, we have had many customers come to us after ordering from these companies, disappointed.

Which copper wire stripping machine is right for you?

Which copper wire stripping machine is right for you?

Here at Bluedog Wire Strippers we offer a large variety of copper wire stripping machines.  At first glance it might be hard to determine which machine is right for your application.  There are a variety of factors which you should consider before purchasing a copper wire stripping machine.

1 - Style of machine:

How to place your order

If you are not compfortable with placing your order via our Paypal or other credit card online shopping cart please call us: 866-901-2278 and we will be happy to process your order over the phone. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX and paypal for phone orders.  If you have any questions or require further information we are more than happy to discuss details with you.


How to order spare parts

If something happens to your machine and you require spare parts. Please Call us:  866-901-2278

How to earn money stripping copper wire.

1.  Buy a Copper Wire Stripping Machine. Burning scrap wire it is bad for your lungs and bad for the environment. Not to mention it is also illegal. Remember you will make twice as much money with clean copper compared to unstripped or burnt.